Resources to help protect critical data assets

The Critical Data Protection (CDP) Benchmark Survey, sponsored by InteliSecure, is designed for senior information security and risk management executives to use as an innovative benchmarking resource. Below are case studies, white papers and general security information available for your use and education regarding Critical Data Assets and their protection.


White Papers


Extending Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to the Cloud: Understanding Available Options and Keys to Program Design

As the cloud becomes more pervasive, organizations are looking at ways to extend their data loss prevention programs to protect critical data assets housed there. This InteliSecure white paper discusses the challenges presented by the cloud, options for DLP solutions and their integration with cloud access security brokers (CASBs), and the need for a programmatic approach to cybersecurity.

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Operationalize Your Organization for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Given the looming deadline and complexity of GDPR, preparing for it is not a task you should undertake alone. It involves people, processes and technology working together to meet broad and rigorous requirements, and unprecedented scope. This whitepaper will help you identify key components needed to build a security and data protection framework to help comply with the regulation as well as others being introduced around the world.

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Effective Cybersecurity Begins with Identifying and Prioritizing Critical Data Assets

Many organizations are spending heavily on information security without measuring its return on investment, adequately protecting their most valuable data, or even understanding which information is most critical to the bottom line. This whitepaper reviews the key question all organizations should be asking and how critical data assets play a central role in effective security programs.

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Case Studies


Top U.S. Law Firm Uses InteliSecure to Meet Client Security Requirements

A large AmLaw 200 firm turned to InteliSecure to help them design, implement and manage a data loss prevention (DLP) security program to help safeguard their clients’ information. Learn why they needed to build a robust program and how InteliSecure’s managed services teams help support their program.
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InteliSecure Helps Major Healthcare Research Facility With DLP

A nationally recognized cancer research and treatment center was looking to better secure their most critical assets. Learn how InteliSecure helped them identify and protect key research data and manage their Critical Asset Protection Program.
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